Everglades airboat rides are the best way to discover nature and wildlife, but you might be wondering about when is best to take your tour. The reality is that you can take an airboat tour throughout the day. However, certain times might suit you better, depending on what sort of weather works best for you. You should know that the year sees two seasons: the wet and dry seasons. Let’s look at how the weather works in Florida and how it influences your airboat ride.

The dry season – the best time for Everglades airboat rides?

The dry season, also known as the winter, occurs from January through to April. During this period, the weather is dryer and cooler. You will still get the Florida sun and heat, but it is more manageable than the wet season. It is what makes the dry season more popular with tourists. Milder weather is more suited for most people, as it is easier to handle and all-around more pleasant.

If you are looking for a good time during the day, we recommend the afternoon. It is a time where the weather is hot enough, and the alligators enjoy bathing themselves before sunset. Therefore, you will be more likely to encounter alligators, which is what a lot of people who take Everglades airboat rides want to see. You should know that the afternoon is often popular with tourists, so you will want to book your ride in advance to ensure an airboat and captain are available for you.

Do Everglades airboat rides operate during the wet season?

We operate throughout the dry and wet seasons. In the wet season, also known as the summer, Florida sees most of its annual rainfall. The weather is hot and humid, and some people see it as Florida at its most authentic. There are fewer tourists, and the place feels more natural, like the actual Everglades experience in all its sticky and hot weather. The wet season is better if you want a less ‘touristy’ experience. It feels like you are taking a deeper dive into the true Florida.

Since the temperatures are at their hottest around midday through to mid-afternoon, we recommend booking Everglades airboat rides either in the morning or late afternoon. That way, you will avoid the extreme heat in those early afternoons. You should bear in mind that the morning may bring more mosquitoes. However, those insects aren’t much of a problem on an airboat since the boat goes fast and is windy enough to avoid most insects.

So, the times are pretty flexible?

The short answer is yes. You can book your airboat ride throughout the day. Even if you book when alligators are less active, our captain will still go out of their way to find them. There are never any guarantees on wildlife, but we know the Everglades very well, and we ensure to take you to the best places. The main takeaway is that the seasons and weather will be the most critical factors determining what time you will take your airboat ride.

As far as safety goes, we will never take you out during a thunderstorm or too intense and dangerous weather. We always follow the weather forecasts to determine if we can go ahead with Everglades airboat tours. Your best bet is to contact us if you’re thinking of booking an airboat ride with us. We will make sure to inform you so you can get prepared accordingly. Don’t hesitate to read our preparations guide as it has some helpful info about what clothes you should take with you depending on the season you come and visit.