Florida Everglades
Florida Everglades Map

The Florida Everglades

The Florida Everglades is larger than most visitors think it is. The  Everglades is the size of the state of Rhode Island. Flowing south it is also called the river of grass. In the heart of the Florida Everglades sits Everglades National Park. The confusion for most travelers is that this is the only part of the Everglades. However, the Everglades can be accessed from many areas on the east coast of Florida. Including Boca Raton Florida, the Loxahatchee Preserve is part of the Everglades. This is where you can take an airboat ride in Boca Raton to see its many wonders. The sawgrass strands, wet marshlands, and tree islands make up the landscape in this region of the Everglades.


Taking an Airboat Ride

Taking an airboat ride in the Everglades is a top attraction in Boca Raton and the swamp is an amazing place to encounter wildlife such as alligators and birds. The Everglades holds some of the world’s exotic plant and aquatic life. While visiting the everglades on your swamp boat tour it is best to be prepared. In the summer mosquito repellent is a good thing to have on hand. In the winter months, a jacket or warmer clothes is best. Most alligators and birds are more abundant in the fall, winter, and spring months. This is the best time to see the Everglades. Although summer months are not a bad time it is just warmer out and wildlife is not as abundant. The summer brings rain and afternoon storms, it is best to do an airboat ride in the morning in the summer.

The American Alligator

The American alligator is easier to find in the winter months due to the cooler weather. These historic creatures sunbathe and also lay on canal banks to warm up. Don’t miss out on the chance to capture those unique and majestuous creatures. Life doesn’t often give you the opportunity to see Alligators in the wild. Airboat tours are your best chance to witness alligators in their natural environment.

Florida Birds

The Everglades is a bird lover’s delight.  Lower migratory birds are plentiful, particularly when water levels are low. Florida is populated with many native bird species. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to observe some truly unique birds that you might not see in other places in the world. Even people that are not avid bird lovers will appreciate the diversity of the bird population in the Everglades.

The Florida Everglades has an abundance of wildlife and nature to observe and admire. You will have the opportunity to come across so many things that are unique to the area. Don’t miss out on the best experience Florida has to offer. To book your airboat ride in the Everglades contact us today.