Boca Raton airboat tours are full of amazing discoveries. One of the main reasons people decide to visit the Everglades is to encounter unique wildlife, including the famous American Alligator. This majestuous yet scary creature is one of many animals that is native to the area. It is just one of the many animals you will come across during your tour of the Everglades. As you will see, there are many other reptiles, mammals, insects, and bird species. If you are an animal lover, get ready to be introduced to some fascinating creatures and come face to face with them. Here are some of the animals you will witness on your airboat tour.


The American Alligator – the main feature of Boca Raton Airboat Tours

Let’s face it. Alligators are one of the main tourist attractions in Florida. Every time someone mentions the Everglades, this incredible reptile often comes up in the conversation. The Everglades is a rare place where you can encounter alligators in their native habitat. During your airboat ride, you will have the chance to observe alligators as they roam around the swamplands. Our airboat captains understand that you want to see alligators with your own eyes. As such, we will always bring you to the places where those incredible animals congregate. Don’t worry. We will keep the appropriate distance, getting close enough but not too close for comfort!


Witness the American crocodile during Boca Raton airboat tours

Another famous reptile you might encounter is, of course, the American Crocodile. Crocodiles and alligators are often confused as being the same creature. However, they both have unique features that distinguish them from one another. Crocodiles have a more pointed and V-shaped snout. In contrast, an alligator’s snout is more of a u-shape. In addition, crocodiles are usually a light gray/brown color. Alligators are of a much darker/black color. We will make sure to point the differences out to you during your airboat tour. Rest assured, we will always maximize your chances of coming across both those gigantic reptiles!


The Roseate Spoonbill – the Everglades unique bird species

We understand bird lovers, as we are passionate about our little feathered friends. One of the birds unique to the Everglades is called the Roseate Spoonbill. It is one of the 350 species of birds that reside in the Florida Everglades. The Everglade also counts cranes, ducks, hawks, and owls. The Roseate Spoonbill is very well known for its pink color and its spoon-shaped beak. It has a very distinct look and is an absolute treat to observe. Make sure to take your camera with you and add some unique pictures to complete your collection. If you are here for the birdlife, make sure to tell our captains so we can take you to the places you are most likely to encounter such a unique bird.


The Florida Manatee, the Everglades strangest mammals

Most people will have heard about the manatee. It has to be said, this is one very odd creature. This well-rounded, large, and fully aquatic mammal is primarily herbivorous. Also known as sea cows, manatees live in shallow waters and rivers. They also tend to populate estuaries, canals, and saltwater bays. If you want to encounter a manatee, you should know that the best season to see them is between December and March. February is where those mammals tend to congregate together in higher numbers. Don’t hesitate to enquire with us about manatees if you want to witness them yourselves!


Those are some of the creatures you are most likely to come across on your airboat tour. Of course, there are other reptiles, such as the Burmese Python. Other mammals also include the white-tailed deer and many others. Bird lovers will also rejoice with the presence of the snail kite. The Everglades also has unique insects and so much more. In short, Boca Raton airboat tours are the best opportunity to witness the Everglade’s wildlife first-hand. Book your ride today and get ready to encounter animals you’ve never seen before in the Flesh!