Airboat Tours: What to Take With You

Airboat tour preparations

Upon your visit to Florida, you can rest assured that the best ways to discover nature and wildlife are through an airboat ride. The great news is you have landed in the right place, and Captain Wayne Jr will always ensure that you have the best and safest Everglades tours Boca Raton has to offer. The first step is to ensure that you are well prepared, with all the essentials you need to make your trip more comfortable. Airboat tours Boca Raton aren’t so complicated after all, but we want to ensure you are well equipped. With all the right items and clothing, there won’t be anything stopping you from having the best airboat experience Florida has to offer.


Airboat tours Boca Raton – take the right clothes

The boat will go fast, and it will be windy. Don’t take expensive clothes or jewelry with you that could fly away. You should ensure your clothing is practical, comfortable, and not high-maintenance, being more appropriate for your visit to the wildlife.  We recommend a t-shirt or blouse for the summer season, combined with shorts and either some sneakers or flip flops/sandals. The Fall season might require you to bring a long sleeve shirt and maybe some jeans, depending on the heat of the day. However, wintertime is when long sleeves,  jeans, and sneakers are the best clothes to bring, along with a windbreaker.

The dress code season and weather dependant, but one item you will want to take with you across all seasons as a trusty poncho, just in case the Florida humidity catches up on you on the day of your trip. Another essential wearable item for your airboat tours Boca Raton is a pair of polarized sunglasses. Avoid the sun obstructing your view so you may see all the wildlife in the everglades. Sunglasses make it easier to spot that alligator and that native fish around the corner.


Stay hydrated, fed, and well protected

A side effect of the heat is that it makes you thirsty, so remember to take some drinks & food with you. Staying hydrated is essential, and you will want to catch up on a few swigs of water during your airboat tour experience. Our boats are equipped with a drinks cooler and some bottled water. However, feel free to take your trusty bottle or flask with you; you won’t regret it. Also, take a little snack, just for you, of course, not to feed to the animals.

Speaking of sun, you ought to know that Florida is well known for its heated and sunny climate. You should always be equipped to stay safe under the sun, and the best way to keep your skin safe is to always take sunscreen with you. Don’t get burned, be kind to your skin, and don’t let the sun be anything else but a good experience.

Keep the bugs away

The heat also brings bugs, which are an integral part of Florida’s wildlife. You will want to prevent stings and bites from insects by taking your bug spray with you. It can make a big difference in how enjoyable your experience will be. Don’t spend the day getting bitten, take your bug spray with you, and enjoy your ride without the bug bites!


Don’t forget your camera & binoculars

Of course, beyond all those practical aspects, you will want to bring your camera with you. Capture all those wildlife moments and create some truly unique memories to remember and share. On the visual subject, you can also bring along some binoculars if you want to spot that hidden alligator at a distance. Observe the wildlife with a bit of depth, record those precious moments, and bring some fun memories back home.

The summary is that you should pack comfortably and practically. We further recommend you pack light, so you feel comfortable and not crowded on the boat. Those are the essentials you should bring along with you but don’t hesitate to ask more questions when you book your airboat tour; Captain Wayne Jr will make sure to answer all your essential questions!