Airboat Rides in Boca Raton offer rare opportunities to witness plants and animals in their natural habitats. You can see creatures unlike any you have ever experienced. The reptile population is one particularly well know feature of the Everglades. The natural park of the Everglades is home to more than 50 different species of reptiles. Today we look at potential reptile sightings you might witness during airboat rides in Boca Raton. Get ready to be amazed by those weird and incredible beasts!

Get ready for the Everglade’s American alligator

The American alligator is one of the Everglade’s most famous inhabitants. There is no need to search further if you want the ideal representation of a reptile in its natural habitat. They are enormous and stunning, frightening and fascinating all at once. There are a couple of ways you can recognize an alligator during airboat rides in Boca Raton. Pay close attention to the nose’s appearance. It is an alligator if it has a U-shaped nose and a dull gray or dark olive body. Alligators and their near cousin, the American crocodile, are frequently confused by the public, which is why it is crucial to know the difference.

Prepare for the American crocodile

The other massive reptile that Airboat Rides in Boca Raton are famous for is the American crocodile. Crocodiles vary from alligators in this way: they have a V-shaped nose and light grey-brown skin. Look at their snout and color to distinguish between the two. Alligators and crocodiles only coexist in Florida’s Everglades, and you won’t see those two together in their natural habitat anywhere else in the world. They both share a preference for freshwater inhabitants. Unlike the alligator, which only prefers saltwater, crocodiles enjoy both.

Keep an eye out for the Burmese python

As you venture further into the Everglades, you may run into the enormous, intimidating Burmese python. This invasive, non-native snake species comes from Southeast Asia. It is known for harming other Everglades animals and disturbing the original ecosystem. The Burmese python is spectacularly long and extensive, reaching up to 16 feet. It stands out from other pythons with its black-bordered brown dots. Don’t worry. We don’t get too close to them, but we will point them out if we see them at a distance.

Look out for smaller lizards like the green anole

The green anole, also known as Anolis carolinensis, is a tree-dwelling anole lizard native to the southeast US. The green anole is a small to medium-sized lizard with a pattern that may change its color from brown to green in various tones. The Southeastern United States, Caribbean islands, and terrariums across the nation are familiar places to see them running around and soaking up the sun. Keep a lookout for those cute little fellows!

Don’t miss out on the Florida softshell turtle

The softshell turtle is the only species you can find across the Florida peninsula, in Alabama, Georgia, and southern South Carolina. The Florida softshell turtle is a sizable turtle with a flattened body, a long neck, an extended head with a long nose. You can also recognize it by its vast webbed three-clawed feet. The Florida softshell turtle has a carapace covered in leathery skin, which is different from the better-known hard shells of other turtle species.

Check for other reptiles during airboat Rides in Boca Raton

There are other reptiles to keep an eye out for, but it would take a long time to go through all 50+ of the Everglades’ reptile species. If you’re interested in seeing more snakes, lizards, and turtles, please book your ride with us and start your adventure. We will ensure to point out any reptiles we come across!