Visiting the Everglades on an airboat ride is the most fun way to discover the Florida wildlife. Airboat Rides Boca Raton offers an exhilarating and high-speed journey, and you will be happy to know that we take safety as our number one priority. We always make sure that both you and our captain have the safest journey across the everglades. Here is what you need to know about Airboat safety.


USCG Certified and Insured

Our captains have a long and extensive experience of airboating. They have been driving airboats for a long time. We have technical expertise, but we are also qualified fourth-generation USCG Certified and Insured Glades. You are in safe hands with a guide that truly knows how to deal with any situation that might arise.


Captains that knows the Everglades

Our Captains know the Everglades like the back of their hands. We can bring you to the most beautiful spots and offer you the best chances of spotting that Alligator and other fascinating animals. You will be close enough to see but always at the right distance to keep you safe from any animal attack. Your safety is always on our minds.


Understanding Florida’s hot weather

Florida is often hot, and we want to make sure you can handle the heat without any undesired side effects. Airboat Rides Boca Raton always carries a cooler with some cold water. However, we encourage you to bring your sodas if you prefer. We also recommend that you take some sunscreen with you. Keep yourself protected from the sun, and you will have a great time.


Are airboats safe?

The great thing about airboats is that they glide smoothly on the water. While the propeller does make some noise, the ride itself is not bumpy. It s all smooth sailing, with some added speed and some fresh air keeping you awake. You will be comfortably seated. As long as you don’t mind a little speed and a little noise, airboats are absolutely for you.


Children and safety

You will be pleased to know that our rides are perfectly safe for children under 13 years old. We offer a discounted rate for children 12 and under, and children under 5 years old can board in for free. The airboat ride is a little noisy, but it is steady, which means younger children won’t have an issue falling asleep should they feel tired. Other children will often enjoy the ride and have fun while cruising on our airboat at a steady speed.


Small private groups are safer

We take private bookings only, which means you won’t be riding with strangers. This privacy makes our airboat rides feel cozier. It also keeps you safe from other strangers, especially with issues such as COVID-19. You won’t be squeezed in with a bunch of unknowns. It will just be you, your family, friends, or whoever you decide to book your ride.


Airboat rides Boca Raton: preparing for your trip

The best way to stay safe is to prepare. Lucky for you, we have a whole page on airboat preparation you can browse to find out more. Just check our ‘Airboat Tours: What to Take With You’ section so you can prepare yourself and bring all the appropriate equipment with you. Ultimately, you will want to be ready and book your airboat ride in advance. Preparation is the best way to experience Airboat Rides Boca Raton.


Ask the Captain questions during your booking

Your best bet is always to ask us as many questions as you need answering while you book your airboat ride. Captain Wayne will always answer any queries you may have. If you have a specific health condition and want to make sure you are safe to go, ask us on our booking form or phone. Your fun is essential to use, but your safety is our number one priority.