Boca Raton Airboat Rides

We are a family-owned business and fourth-generation Glades man who are Certified United States Coast Guard Captains. Our company is the original private Boca Raton airboat tour company in South Florida.

We provide an upscale in-depth look at the Florida Everglades on our airboat rides, leaving Boca Raton Fl.  Boca Raton Airboat rides are the best way to see the famous Florida Everglades on a private airboat tour in Florida.

Encounter the famous American Alligator, Numerous reptiles, birds, and some of our seven species of turtles all in the Everglades on your tour.

We also service the surrounding areas for the best Everglades tours, Fort Lauderdale Everglades Tours, Delray beach Everglades tours, and Parkland Florida Everglades tours.

Our Everglades tours Boca Raton are rated one of the best attractions in South Florida and Boca Raton. Email us today for a Five star Florida Everglades tour you can enjoy with the whole family on a Boca Raton Airboat ride.

Airboat Rides in Boca Raton offers daily airboat adventures aboard our custom-built airboats. We are lifelong residents of the Everglades. We take pride in providing the finest Everglades tours Boca Raton and Deerfield Beach have to offer.

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With the Health crisis bought on by COVID-19, your safety comes first. This is why we understand that private airboat tours are the safest way to experience Florida’s Everglades.

We also offer airboat rides in Deerfield Beach, Florida, as well as Fort Lauderdale airboat tours. Join us for an amazing Everglades airboat tour provided by Boca Raton airboat rides. Our swamp tours depart daily by appointment.

Airboat rides are one of the top attractions in Boca Raton and the surrounding areas. Our private airboat rides are far better than a crowded large airboat with strangers on it. It will just be you and your family or friends on your private airboat tour of the Florida Everglades. We can also provide larger corporate group tours with multiple airboats with advance notice. If you are staying anywhere in Palm Beach or Broward county, you are not far from our airboat tour location.

In brief, Everglades tours Boca Raton are a fun activity for everyone.  Young or older, all ages are welcome on our airboat tours of the Everglades. Florida airboating Boca Raton, Florida, is a great way to enjoy the Everglades in Boca Raton.

Deerfield Beach is just around the corner. So if you’re in the area, we are very close, offering airboat rides near Deerfield beach. Just contact us for a wonderful trip to the Florida Everglades.

USCG Licensed Captains on all of our airboat rides

USCG Certified and Insured


We are proud to announce our Fourth Location for customers in the Boca Raton and Delray Beach area who wish to experience an Everglades tour. Our Company is rated among the top attractions in Boca Raton, Florida. We are 30 minutes away from The Boca Raton resort and the beaches. For the best Boca Raton attraction, email us today for an Everglades tour. Come as friends and leave as family.

We are Licensed and Insured. Indeed, your safety while in the backcountry is our priority. All of our Family grew up in the Florida Everglades and have been doing tours all of our lives. We enjoy what we do and love to share our knowledge and experience with you. Our newest location for Airboat rides in Deerfield Beach is now open.


Everglades tours leaving from Boca Raton daily is a family-friendly way to experience the Florida Everglades on a Private airboat tour. Your family or friends will enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the famed river of grass while on your airboat ride. Experience one of the top attractions in Boca Raton, Florida, a fan boat ride through the swamp’s marshes and wetlands. Learn about the history of the Everglades. Also, get familiar with the famous American Alligator.

If you visit Boca Raton and want something out of the ordinary and extremely fun, then this is for you. One of The Boca Raton resort’s best attractions and fun things to do. If you want to book an airboat ride in Deerfield Beach,  Delray Beach, Lake Worth, or Coral Spring, then take an  Everglades airboat tour with us today.


Airboats have drastically changed over the past 30 years. While keeping safety in mind, we have developed the best airboats in the industry for passengers to enjoy their airboat ride. Before, it was a 10-foot haul with a 150 horsepower motor. Now our 600 horsepower boats are 16 to 20 feet in length and hold 6 to 11 passengers.

No other company spends what we spend on our custom airboats. You will ride on the top airboats in the industry. We provide wide padded comfortable seats, hearing protection, all flotation devices, and safety equipment for adults and children. To date, our company is accident-free with no injuries to crew or passengers in 34 years. Our airboat tours are family-friendly and without age restrictions.


The Florida Everglades, also known as the river of grass, runs from the Kissimmee river down to Florida bay in Homestead, Florida. It is the largest existing wetland in the world today. There is no other habitat like it globally. With hundreds of bird species, reptiles, and the famous American alligator, it is truly a spectacular adventure on the airboat.

Join us today for one of the best airboat rides in south Florida. Learn about the Everglades and its ecosystem with a professional captain. We have several stops along the prairies, the sawgrass marshes, and the islands of the Everglades.


A real important aspect of our Boca Raton airboat rides in the Everglades is Safety. All of our family and our Captains are United States Coast Guard Captains with C.P.R certifications and training with years of experience in the Everglades. This is important when choosing an airboat tour company in the Florida Everglades. Your family is important to us like ours is, and safety is a priority for our passengers.

When choosing an airboat ride company, please ensure they can provide you with their Captain’s License and their insurance.  It is also a good idea to research their company history to see how long they have been in business. Every year we experience an increase in non-certified Captains with no experience and do this part-time. You and your family deserve the best.


We have the best Everglades tours in Boca Raton, Florida, Fun, and safe for the entire family. There are no age restrictions, and it is an attraction in Florida that is a must-do. Join us today for a Boca Raton airboat ride that is fun and educational for the entire family.

Learn about the river of grass, its history, plant life, and visit some of the islands once inhabited by native Americans, all narrated by our family with over 35 years of experience. Everglades tours in Boca Raton, Florida is a must-do attraction. We offer one and two-hour private tours daily by appointment for your family. We also offer corporate tours or multiple boats for your larger group needs.


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